Lost Member Update: Upsilon-Upsilon

For this chapter, the members listed below have no mailable address. In short, we have lost contact with them.

If you know of an address or way to contact any of the lost members, click on their row and provide a suggested address, phone or email address so that we may locate this member.

Missing Data
Drucker, Brandon 2018 41 Missing Address
Escober, Jorge Unknown 52 Missing Address
Galuzevskiy, Aleksandr 2020 113 Missing Address
Joseph, Oluwaseyi 2017 57 Missing Email
Missing Address
Juarez, Cristian 2018 79 Missing Email
Missing Address
Konfino, Rotem 2025 Missing Email
LaRosa, Justin 2016 47 Missing Email
Marichal, Giancarlo 2015 31 Missing Address
Meade, Damien 2020 84 Missing Email
Miller, Nicholas 2013 30 Missing Email
Missing Address
Mukhi, Parth 2020 99 Missing Address
Thiersaint, Akeem 2015 35 Missing Email
Thurston, Robert 2017 55 Missing Address
Velez, Peter 2016 45 Missing Address