Lost Member Update: Beta-Iota

For this chapter, the members listed below have no mailable address. In short, we have lost contact with them.

If you know of an address or way to contact any of the lost members, click on their row and provide a suggested address, phone or email address so that we may locate this member.

Missing Data
Castro, Luis 1954 103 Missing Telephone
Missing Email
Missing Address
Lofgren, George 1953 97 Missing Email
Moran, George 1954 108 Missing Email
Picard-ami, Luis 1950 26 Missing Telephone
Missing Email
Schroeck, Roland 1954 104 Missing Email
Story, Joseph 1954 101 Missing Email
Swanson, Robert 1951 55 Missing Email
Tanaka, Roy 1954 102 Missing Email
Zukowsky, Eugene 1953 68 Missing Email