Lost Member Update: TKE Colony 745 - NC Wesleyan

For this chapter, the members listed below have no mailable address. In short, we have lost contact with them.

If you know of an address or way to contact any of the lost members, click on their row and provide a suggested address, phone or email address so that we may locate this member.

Missing Data
Capobianco, Richard 1999 1 Missing Email
Chandler, Michael 2003 17 Missing Address
Danella, Rocco 2000 3 Missing Email
Hajducsek, Eric 2000 6 Missing Email
Lewis, Jason 1999 21 Missing Email
Liberi, James 2000 11 Missing Email
Matthews, Thomas Unknown 24 Missing Email
Meszaros, Allen Unknown 25 Missing Telephone
Missing Email
Metzger, Frederick 1999 4 Missing Email
Morrone, Anthony 2000 5 Missing Email
Oliver, Melvin 2000 26 Missing Telephone
Missing Email
Missing Address
Wagner, Brenton 2000 14 Missing Email
Welsh, Christopher 2000 16 Missing Email
Whitley, Ashley 2000 13 Missing Email