Lost Member Update: Upsilon-Omicron

For this chapter, the members listed below have no mailable address. In short, we have lost contact with them.

If you know of an address or way to contact any of the lost members, click on their row and provide a suggested address, phone or email address so that we may locate this member.

Missing Data
Anagnostopoulos, Cristos 2011 8 Missing Email
Appelbaum, Andrew 2012 30 Missing Email
Bender, Yonatan 2012 36 Missing Email
Browning, Zachary Unknown 20 Missing Email
DeSario, Christian 2012 13 Missing Address
Henderson, Tyler 2015 Missing Email
Jaymes, Taylor 2012 25 Missing Email
Khan, Ebadullah Unknown 5 Missing Address
O'Grady, Jerome 2010 17 Missing Email
Wild, Nicolas Unknown 52 Missing Email
Missing Address
Wolkowicz, David 2012 33 Missing Email