Lost Member Update: Upsilon-Chi

For this chapter, the members listed below have no mailable address. In short, we have lost contact with them.

If you know of an address or way to contact any of the lost members, click on their row and provide a suggested address, phone or email address so that we may locate this member.

Missing Data
Aparicio, Cristian 2017 82 Missing Address
Auriti, Alberto 2014 15 Missing Email
Missing Address
Bernard, Chris Unknown 24 Missing Email
Missing Address
Brown, Nick 2019 92 Missing Email
Caban, Rafael Unknown 26 Missing Address
Cazares, Christopher 2019 120 Missing Email
Civiletti, Luigi 2014 4 Missing Email
Cruz, Estefano Unknown 37 Missing Address
Dorismond, Rodney 2016 28 Missing Email
Elkallassy, Andrew 2015 11 Missing Email
Espinosa, Jonathan Unknown Missing Address
Esquilin, Nico 2021 102 Missing Telephone
Missing Email
Faiad, Mohamed 2017 49 Missing Email
Giddings, Fitzgerald 2020 127 Missing Email
Joseph, Andy Unknown 29 Missing Address
Joseph, Justin 2021 103 Missing Email
Lewis, Sharif Unknown 22 Missing Address
Mcgrath, Michael Unknown 35 Missing Address
McNamara, Michael 2015 13 Missing Address
Moran, Alex 2017 55 Missing Email
Ngobeli, Emmanuel Unknown 32 Missing Email
Missing Address
Olsen, Michael Unknown 63 Missing Address
Ostreni, Jeton Unknown 104 Missing Address
Rivera, Devenray 2017 60 Missing Email
Rocha, Erick 2016 39 Missing Email
Missing Address
Romelus, Stanley 2019 114 Missing Address
Russotto, Dylan-John 2019 113 Missing Address
Schmitt, Anthony 2015 12 Missing Address
Vogel, Andrew 2015 9 Missing Email
Zhilo, Simon 2013 3 Missing Email