Black Bricks

Grand Prytanis Club - $1,500

The 8" x 8" dark grey bricks are the largest in the courtyard and are appropriately sized for the leaders of Tau Kappa Epsilon as a reflection of the impact they have made on our Fraternity.


Additional Opportunities

The courtyard is embellished with emblems that honor our most hallowed values and recognize those who sustain the rich history and tradition of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity. To exemplify this proud legacy, you may choose among the Apollo Statue, Love, Charity, or Esteem Columns, Courtyard Planters, Patio Benches, or Fountain.

Inside Grey Bricks

Founders Club - $500

These 4” x 8” grey bricks are the closest to the fountain, and are designated for, but not limited to, chapters and alumni associations. To ensure your group is represented, be sure to order early, as there are a limited number of bricks available in this area.

Outside Grey Bricks

Triangle Club - $100

These 4” x 8” grey bricks make up the courtyard floor around the TKE triangle and fountain. Priced affordably for all to participate—take this opportunity to recognize a mentor, create a memorial, or simply add your own name to permanently etch a lasting memory of your role in making TKE great.

Red Bricks

Grand Prytanis Club - $1,000

These 4” x 8” red bricks are the most prominent brick surrounding the TKE triangle fountain. A limited number will be available on a first come, first serve basis.

Better Men for a Better World Courtyard

The Better Men for a Better World Courtyard has been designed to give Tekes throughout the world an affordable opportunity to have their name added to our International Headquarters. This courtyard will honor our most hallowed values: Love, Charity, and Esteem; and will be constructed with bricks that will serve as a permanent testimony to those who have a love for TKE. Opportunities abound, with more than 2,800 bricks available, to permanently etch the name of the giver, a friend, or ones who have departed so there will be a lasting memory of the role they have played in making TKE great. Just imagine being able to sit on a courtyard bench, listening to the trickling fountain, noting the founding principles of our great Fraternity and seeing all the names that have helped to support our brotherhood. This opportunity for participation will be a public and visible demonstration of what TKE means to thousands of people all over the world. Be one of the first to participate in making your beautiful courtyard even more meaningful through the purchase of your personalized brick or another item in the courtyard. The names will be laser engraved and will last a lifetime, for generations of Tekes to see. The courtyard will be open and publicly visible for all who come to our headquarters. Its beauty and solitude will aptly illustrate the difference TKE has made the world over.

Additional Sponsorship Opportunities

A wide array of sponsorship opportunities are available throughout the building. Areas may be named in honor of or in memory of others who have played a role in a Teke’s personal development or, of course, named by the contributors themselves. For more information about the courtyard sponsorship opportunities and other headquarters sponsorship opportunities contact us at (317) 872-6533 or email us at

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